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GSA FAS GSS Retail Operations

About GSA FAS GSS Retail Operations

GSA Retail Operations manages the GSA fourth-party logistics (4PL) program. GSA’s Retail Operations 4PL program provides complete supply chain solutions for DoD and Civilian agencies. The 4PL program allows users to focus on core competencies by leveraging GSA’s contracting and acquisition expertise and the product fulfillment expertise of industry leaders. Data to Decisions (D2D) is a government-wide data analytics platform that was established by GSA's Enterprise Data Management Office. Utilizing GSA’s Data to Decisions platform, GSA RO has tailored four agency specific dashboards to allow customers and key stakeholders to access metrics on demand.

The four interactive GSA RO 4PL D2D dashboards provide detailed sales and transaction metrics. Each dashboard has its own unique drop-down filters allowing the user to narrow in on specific data. To take full advantage of the Retail Operations dashboards, be sure to utilize the dropdown filters to allow for specific metrics by desired date range, store location, vendor, or sales method. 

If you currently do not see any of the four GSA RO Dashboards, you will be required to set up a MAX.gov login.

Below are YouTube tutorials on how to navigate the GSA Retail Operations D2D Dashboards: