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GSA FAS Office of Policy & Compliance

About GSA FAS Office of Policy & Compliance

The Office of Policy and Compliance (QV) is responsible for establishing the standards and framework for managing the acquisition workforce in accordance with policy established by the GSA Chief Acquisition Officer. The Office of Policy and Compliance leads, supports and facilitates the review of the Federal Acquisition Service programs and procedures.

The FAS commitment to customer focus is central to the charge of Policy and Compliance, an organization dedicated to contract integrity and facilitating a consistently positive customer experience.

Customers deserve confidence in FAS acquisition vehicles; the Office of Policy and Compliance promotes quality and integrity through throughout the acquisition lifecycle and ensures acquisition operating practices are consistent. This office provides program-wide consultation as Multiple Award Schedule Program Manager and ensures FAS takes appropriate steps for regulatory compliance.

Mission: To effectively deliver solutions that meet the ongoing and emerging needs of FAS through innovative policy, guidance, and oversight.

Vision: To be the FAS acquisition business advisors.



Value Proposition Functions
  • Ensure quality and integrity throughout the acquisition lifecycle
  • Ensure a positive customer experience
  • Enhance vendor performance and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that FAS acquisition professionals are developed and nurtured
  • Acquisition directives
  • Contract review
  • Schedules management
  • Acquisition training and career advocate
  • Implementation of acquisition policy and guidelines
  • Vehicle data management
  • Socioeconomic regulatory compliance
  • Supplier performance evaluation
  • Supplier education
  • Management of contract performance
  • Management of fee collection