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Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services

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About Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services

This office develops and manages programs for the acquisition of travel and transportation services, audits the Government’s worldwide transportation billings to identify overpayments and seeks recovery for the Federal Government, and purchases vehicles for agencies that own and manage their vehicle fleets. It also manages the GSA Fleet, which provides leased vehicles and commercial fuel, maintenance, and repair services.

The following program offices allow TMVCS to accomplish this:

  • Office of Acquisition Operations: The Office of Acquisition Operations manages all the acquisitions for TMVCS. Their mission is to deliver acquisition excellence—through timely and quality contracts and world-class acquisition service.

  • Office of Fleet Management: The Office of Fleet Management’s mission is to provide safe, reliable low cost vehicle solutions to assist federal agencies to effectively and efficiently meet their mission and federal mandates.There are two primary service delivery functions within the program – vehicle purchasing and vehicle leasing.GSA also offers ancillary vehicle services that provide a complete fleet management solution for federal agencies.

  • Office of Travel and Transportation: The Center for Travel Management provides government-wide, operational solutions that enable customers to manage their travel efficiently and cost effectively. The Center for Transportation Management and Employee Relocation Resource Center provide customers with competitive rates, industry expertise, and proper management and control of transportation and relocation services.  The Transportation Audits Division works to identify and recover Transportation Service Provider (TSP) overcharges and other debts relating to transportation bills paid by agencies around the world.


City Pair Program (CPP)

Parent Organization:

Federal Acquisition Services (FAS)