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OGP Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement

About OGP Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement

The OSSPI team, which sits within the General Services Administration, focuses on helping agencies and OMB drive
critical government-wide management priorities. The team also supports the federal interagency management councils,
including: Chief Financial Officers Council, Chief Information Officers Council, and President's Management Council,
among others. OSSPI offers the following:
❖ Access to the entire federal government: There are no other management entities outside of the Office of
Management and Budget that operate across the government
❖ Expertise as to how the government works: The team's core work with agencies illuminates current and best
practices at every agency and an understanding of the operating cultures
❖ Help getting your priorities implemented efficiently and effectively: The OSSPI team is your implementation
partner, helping turn policy into agency action
❖ Cross functional approach: Think of the management councils as a boardroom where not only your agency's
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, and other C-suite leaders meet to
coordinate strategy, but where you can access those individuals from other agencies
❖ Points of contact you can utilize for tools, resources and information