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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Maps Dashboard

About This Report

A note about this data:

These maps are intended to be illustrative of the scope of the BIL and the impact it has in all American communities, including yours.

All data represented on these maps, including project locations and funding amounts, is preliminary and non-binding. Awards may be contingent on meeting certain requirements.

Data represents announced funding (formula and discretionary) as of September 6, 2022. This is a small subset of the projects the BIL will fund and is not intended to be comprehensive. The source of this information is public announcements by federal agencies.

Amounts on the "Announced BIL Funding CAO September 6, 2022" map represent the sum of funding allocated to each state/territory and projects within that state/territory. The total amount shown may not be awarded directly to the state/territory government (for example: FAA Airport Infrastructure Grants are awarded directly to airports but are shown as part of the announced funding within the state the airport is located in).

Locations indicated on the "Announced BIL Project Locations CAO September 6, 2022" map are intended to be illustrative and do not necessarily represent the primary place of performance or recipient location. In most cases, the location shown on the map is the centroid of the city or county in which the project is located.

Funds allocated to Tribal governments are shown within the state/territory where that Tribal government is located. In most cases, funds allocated to entities that cross state/territory lines (such as urbanized areas) are divided amongst the involved states. Awards with no specific location are not included in the maps or total funding amounts.

Data Source(s): Agency Press Releases,

Last Update: 09/20/2022

Last Data Update: 09/06/2022

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