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COVID-19 Contract Obligation Tracking Dashboard

About This Report

In accordance with the Office of Management and Budget’s Memorandum M-20-21, all financial information that agencies are required to report concerning their disposition of CARES Act and other supplemental COVID-19 appropriated funds is publicly available on USAspending.gov. Click on the following link to view the COVID-19 Spending Profile Page.

The COVID-19 Contract Obligation Tracking Dashboard provides all government-wide Emergency Acquisitions spending in support the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Key highlights:​​

  • Landing page COVID-19Dashboard tab is a visual display of the total Emergency Acquisitions spending through different views, where it can be filtered by Government-Wide Categories, Sub-Categories, Contracting Agencies, Contract Vehicles, Small Business Socio-economic categories, and more
  • ShowDetail tab shows the granularity of the PIID data
  • Scope of the data:​
    • National Interest Action (NIA) Code: P20C
    • National Interest Action (NIA) Description: COVID-19


Data Source(s): FPDS-NG​
Frequency of update: Daily at 2:00PM EST

DISCLAIMER: For military operational security concerns, the availability of DoD FPDS data is subject to a 90-day delay for non-DoD users. The DoD FPDS data in this report is delayed.