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FPDS National Interest Action (NIA) Code Tracking Dashboard

About This Report

The FPDS National Interest Action (NIA) Code Dashboard contains all FPDS transactions with an NIA code. 

By default, the report sorts for GSA contracted transactions.  

On the NIA Overview tab users may adjust filters to see transactions

  • contracted and/or funded by other agencies,
  • limit to specific NIAs,
  • set time periods,
  • or by the products and services purchased.  

The Select By filter allows users to graph the data by 

  • NIA,
  • funding agency,
  • contracting agency,
  • business size,
  • award type,
  • vendor,
  • vendor state, 
  • NAICS,
  • and level 1 or level 2 product category. 

The Transaction Details button or Detail Transactions tab allows users to review each award/modification transaction using the same filters that were set for the NIA Overview.

Legacy COVID-19 Dashboard was imported from COVID-19 Contract Obligation Tracking Dashboard for those used to that view.  It will only show the NIA for COVID-19 2020, which is available in NIA Overview with all the same information.  This legacy view is available for those used to that layout.  Similarly, Legacy COVID-19 Details provides a detailed view of transactions for the Legacy COVID-19 Dashboard.

Data Refresh:  The dashboard updates with the latest transactions overnight every day.  For military operational security concerns, the availability of DoD FPDS data is subject to a 90-day delay for non-DoD users. The DoD FPDS data in this report is delayed.

NIA Code Information:  NIA Codes are an FPDS reporting value for declared emergency or major disasters, defense or recovery, humanitarian or peacekeeping operations, or international disaster assistance, but do not grant emergency flexibilities.  

Just because Emergency Procurement Flexibility is exercised does not mandate that a NIA Code must be established.  
NIA Codes are NOT intended to track emergency\disaster funds. NIA codes identify contract actions, regardless of funds, that were issued in response to an emergency\disaster. Contract actions may contain both disaster and non-disaster funds.

NIA Codes are created when national mobilization is required, there is a great national and widespread political interest in the issue, and there is going to be a commitment of significant financial resources

Within GSA the Senior Procurement Executive in the Office of Government Wide Policy authorizes the use of each NIA and establishes active dates. 

Transactions stop being assigned to an NIA when

Procurement thresholds have returned to their pre-disaster levels
Related national mobilization or military operation has ended
Remaining or predicted contracting activity applicable to the NIA has become routine and there is no longer a need to track contract actions using a system-wide NIA value

The Emergency Acquisitions webpage has further information on event specific emergency acquisitions with links to the recent memos for each NIA.

Contact the GSA IAE Change Control Board (CCB) representative for NIA Code requests\extensions\questions.


FPDS National Interest Action (NIA) Code Dashboard
Data Source(s): Federal Procurement Data System , Agency AAC-Portfolio Data, Agency Product Category Data, GS&S OMS Transaction Data
Last Update: 04/20/2023
Frequency of update: Daily
CUI Designation: Sensitive but Unclassified
Visibility: Private - All GSA


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