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GSA OGP Federal Supplier Energy & Risk Management (ERM) Tool

About This Report

Note: This tool is optimized for screen resolutions of at least 1600 X 1000 and is best viewed in "full screen" mode. To enter full screen mode, look for the small "full screen" button either above or below the main view after clicking on the icon above.

The OGP Federal Supplier Energy and Risk Management Tool combines federal contract data with data about federal suppliers' and contractors' corporate-level sustainability practices.

Uses for this tool include:

• Contracting, procurement, and sustainable acquisition professionals can research existing practices and performance when designing contracting mechanisms to encourage additional cost-effective energy and risk management.
• Federal suppliers and contractors can benchmark versus peers.
• Other sustainability professionals and organizational leaders can benchmark existing or planned sustainability programs.
• The public can learn how the federal government spends money, and how federal contractors are working to reduce costs, avoid risks, and protect the environment.

Practices and performance data is drawn from CDP, a leading aggregator of voluntarily disclosed corporate data. Links are provided to more detailed data on CDP's website. Practices and performance shown in the dashboard include:

• Climate & Energy Risks Reported
• Stakeholder Engagement on Climate & Energy
• Percentage of Operational Spend on Energy
• Annual Investment in Energy Projects
• Annual Savings from Energy Projects
• Renewable Electricity Consumption
• Renewable Electricity Targets
• GHG Intensity
• GHG Inventory & Targets
• GHG Emissions Direction

Report Information:

  • Data Source(s): FDPS-NG; CDP (tabular data stream obtained under GSA contract; base data are publicly available in PDF form)
  • Frequency of Update: Quarterly (FPDS-NG contract data); Annually (CDP sustainability practices data)
  • Last Update: November 30, 2017