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About This Report

The Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA) directs OMB to develop an inventory of all federal programs and display it on a website.   To make sustainable progress on creating that inventory OMB is launching an exploratory pilot as an interim step.  The long-term goal of this effort is to make readily available a comprehensive inventory that includes robust connections across budget formulation, execution, and performance data.

Project Data:  The pilot focuses on 12 categories each of which are asked to work with OMB to identify associated programs and provide for each program descriptive information and two years of historical budget data.  In particular, the focus of this first stage is working with agencies to begin to identify programs in areas were agencies and OMB have already been working together.

The data in this current public report is test data with a format consistent with what is currently being submitted by Federal agency teams.


OMB Federal Program Inventory