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About D2D

Data to Decisions (D2D) is government-wide analytics-as-a-service platform that was established by GSA's Enterprise Data Management Office (EDMO). D2D is cloud based and leverages open source technology designed to collect, manage, and analyze complex data (including big data), and to make these analyses available to stakeholders within and outside of GSA.

Key Components of D2D include:

  • Data Collection and Access - A single source for enterprise information management
  • Data Repository - At customer site, on the cloud, or hybrid.  Data extraction, transformation, and loading will occur at the data repository level.
  • Data Visualization - Lightweight and heavyweight data visualization tools for dashboarding and data exploration
  • Data Analytics - Advanced analytics to decompose business problems using data
    • What happened? Operational reporting on past events
    • What will happen? Forecasting the short term
    • What if? Predictive,prescriptive, algorithm based analytics utilizing multiple variables