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Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)

About Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)

OCFO strives to provide excellent budget, analytics, financial management, financial reporting, strategic planning, and performance management services to customers.  It also serves a unique compliance role, in which it develops and implements financial controls to ensure GSA is an effective and accountable steward of public monies.

The OCFO Vision is one of a high-performing organization that consistently delivers value and ensures financial control.  It achieves this through an OCFO Mission that serves GSA customers as a trusted, strategic partner and financial advisor.

The OCFO organization is made up of several units that help serve specific budget, accounting, and financial needs.

  • Office of Budget (BB)
  • Office of Analytics, Performance, and Improvement (BI)
  • Office of Financial Management (BG)
  • Office of PBS Financial Services (BR)

For any general questions related to the OCFO section of D2D, contact CFO-DataDeliveryandManagement@gsa.gov.