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Public Buildings Service (PBS)

About Public Buildings Service (PBS)

The landlord for the civilian federal government, Public Buildings Service (PBS) acquires space on behalf of the federal government through new construction and leasing, and acts as a caretaker for federal properties across the country. PBS owns or leases 9,624 assets, maintains an inventory of more than 376.9 million square feet of workspace for 1.1 million federal employees, and preserves more than 481 historic properties.

PBS is funded primarily through the Federal Buildings Fund, which is supported by rent from federal customer agencies.

PBS Initiatives:

  • Design and construction
  • Leasing
  • Promote innovative workplace solutions
  • Act as a green proving ground
  • Support the development of urban communities
  • Manage federal property disposal
  • Provide space for more than 100 child care centers
  • Donate or sell real estate for federal agencies
  • Commission artwork for new federal buildings and conserve a substantial inventory of Work Progress Administration art
  • Support sustainable design initiatives
  • Preserve historically significant buildings for future generations.

About PBS

More than 5,300 of us work in PBS in Central Office or one of 11 Regions. Together, we are the landlord for the civilian federal government. We manage over 374 million square feet of workspace for a million federal employees in 2,100 American communities.  We own 1600 plus assets totaling over 183 million rentable square feet and manage 7,100 plus leased assets totaling over 190 million rentable square feet.  The rent federal agencies pay is our major source of funding.

What do we do at PBS?

  • We are designers and builders of award-winning courthouses, border stations, federal office buildings, laboratories, and data processing centers.
  • We are repairers and renovators of facilities.
  • We house over 100 child care centers.
  • We donate or sell real estate for federal agencies.
  • We are leaders in energy conservation, sustainability, recycling, and historic preservation—maintaining more than 470 historic properties.
  • We commission artwork for new federal buildings and conserve a substantial inventory of New Deal art.

Current Highlights

  • 1,576 government owned buildings totaling 182 million square feet
  • $71.1 billion in owned value
  • 7,435 leased buildings totaling 195 million square feet
  • 81% of our rentable sq ft is Office
  • 7 courthouses under construction at an estimated $1.5 billion
  • 100+ owned Land Ports of Entry
  • 31% of our inventory are historic buildings
  • 127 total owned and leased LEED certified buildings
  • 25,034 works in our Fine Arts Collection
  • $846 million awarded to small business
  • 213 properties sold or transferred with an estimated value of $104.4 million.

PBS Office Functions

  • In the Office of Client Solutions, we are responsible for the coordinating of our customer relationships and overseeing services to our customers.  More about Clients.
  • In the Office of Leasing, we direct the development of procedures and specifications related to realty services. We provide advocacy and strategic direction in national GSA real estate issues. We utilize the advice and support of the Regional Realty Services Officers in the execution of the National Realty Services Program. More about Leasing.
  • The Office of Facilities Management and Services Programs provides program management, support and guidance to our Property Managers in an effort to provide a safe, healthy, effective and efficient work environment for our clients. More about Facilities Management.
  • In the Office of Design and Construction, we provide national leadership and policy direction in the areas of architecture, engineering, urban development, construction services, and project management. More about Design and Construction.
  • Through our Office of Portfolio Management, we provide strategic direction, administration, and management support for real estate portfolio management, asset business strategies, capital allocation, portfolio analysis, building operations and maintenance, occupancy administration, and property disposal. More about the PBS Portfolio.

To learn more, please visit our external facing GSA website at About Us - GSA Public Buildings Service.