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FAS City Pair Program (CPP)

About FAS City Pair Program (CPP)

The City Pair Program (CPP) is a mature, Government-wide solution providing discounted air passenger transportation services to Federal Government travelers. Part of GSA’s mission is to assist Federal agencies with cost saving practices, and that includes procuring the best priced airfares for Federal travelers. CPP offers air fares considerably lower than comparable commercial fares, saving the Federal Government billions of dollars each year.

In addition to offering considerable discounts, CPP allows the Federal Government great flexibility in how it books air travel. The benefits offered that are unique to the Government include: no immediate or advance purchase, the flexibility to book one-way, multi-leg, and round-trip airfare while retaining the ability to adjust or cancel flights at no additional cost, and tickets are fully refundable.

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Parent Organization:

Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services