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PBS Office of Leasing (PR)

About PBS Office of Leasing (PR)

Our Mission:

To assist federal agencies in accomplishing their missions by providing lease acquisition services that deliver space timely, at best value, and with superior workplace solutions.

Philosophy and Responsibilities:

  • Provides advocacy and strategic direction in national GSA real estate issues.
  • Identifies business standards and measures and benchmark standards related to costs, best practices, customer satisfaction, and quality.
  • Emphasizes streamlining of procedures and removal of barriers to efficient business accomplishment.
  • Serves as liaison with the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Congress on national GSA real estate issues.
  • Provides assistance to the regions on difficult projects or projects of political interest.
  • Consults with GSA program offices when policies, standards, and procedures under development relate to their functional responsibilities.
  • Develops, coordinates, and issues guidance in the appropriate medium, such as memorandum, Real Property Letter, Instructional Letter, desk guide, or GSA order.
  • Provides advice and assistance to other GSA organizations and other Federal agencies.

Leasing Objectives:

  • Implement tools to enhance consistency and improve processes
  • Support excellence through policy and analysis
  • Streamline the leasing process
  • Appropriately resource, engage and grow the leasing workforce