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Welcome to the D2D Portal!

The D2D Portal is the gateway to data-driven decisions. It is a data analytics portal that is used to share business insights, including visualizations, reports and datasets. The D2D Portal enables users to search for, access, and share dashboards, datasets, and other content supporting data-driven decision-making across a broad range of stakeholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is D2D?

D2D is an ecosystem of capabilities to support modern analytics and data-driven decision making at GSA, ensuring that its workforce is ready to address pre-existing and upcoming government challenges. D2D is a self-service platform that allows for sharing of visualizations as well as diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics (e.g., Tableau, MicroStrategy, Python, R Server and Pentaho). D2D’s self-service approach enables users to ingest, store, transform, and ultimately, create and share impactful visualizations with GSA and external data consumers. D2D is not an e-Commerce site and does not support procurement of goods and services.

How D2D Helps

Managing data is hard. Increasingly, we are all data analysts. Have you had trouble getting data, creating visualizations, sharing and viewing dashboards, or doing all of the above securely? D2D supplies data practitioners with the necessary capabilities to create and publish meaningful data assets, while providing data consumers with a common platform to access, interact with, and leverage these assets to make informed decisions. D2D accelerates the data-to-decisions lifecycle, allowing a more responsive approach to meeting customers needs.