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How do I access content and pages on the D2D Portal?
To view content on the D2D Portal, you must create a MAX account.  In order to create to make a MAX account, please refer to “Portal Access” button located in the upper right section of the homepage.

I have a MAX account, but my account has been disabled.
For security reasons, D2D restricts access of user accounts after 90 days of inactivity.  If your account has been deactivated on the Staging or Production websites, please contact askD2D@gsa.gov.

Why am I not able to view certain dashboards or pages?
All of the content on D2D are role based access. Owners of the content   have the ability to limit access to dashboards posted to D2D. To gain access, you will need to contact D2D customer support (askD2D@gsa.gov).  For GSA users, please direct all access requests, including the title of the dashboard, through Service Now.  To open a ticket, sign into Service Now.  Select "Service Catalog" then "Order Something.” On the following page, scroll down to "D2D Requests."  File your request under the “D2D Portal Content Access Request Form.”

How do I open dashboards?
After you have selected a report of interest from the results page, you will be directed to the report’s “landing page.”  From there, simply click the icon in the middle of the page and the dashboard will open.

I have additional questions about a dashboard or a dataset.  Who should I contact?
If you have further questions about a report or dashboard, please contact the dashboard owner listed at the bottom of the report.  If no owner is listed, contact askD2D@gsa.gov.

I’m a new practitioner and am interested in taking pre-recorded classes for Pentaho, Tableau and/or MicroStrategy.  How can I learn more about these opportunities/enrollment?
D2D prides itself in building competency amongst practitioners. This site offers pre-recorded trainings located under the “Training” tab which can be watched on your device.  To view a full list of course offerings and/or to register for classes, please navigate to the “Training” tab. To learn more about training courses offered through D2D, or have questions on what classes to take, please contact the askD2D@gsa.gov mailbox.

How do I publish data onto the D2D Portal?
D2D has two separate portals: (1) d2d.gsa.gov and (2) staging.d2d.gsa.gov.  To publish content, please visit staging.d2d.gsa.gov.  (Note: in order to self publish, you must have taken the D2D self Publishing classes.)  Before your content is published to Production, it is placed through a governance process.  Once approved, we can publish your content to Production, and make it accessible to audiences of your choosing.  To learn more about the data governance process, please refer to “About” tab drop-down and select “Governance.”  Should you have any further questions regarding new content publishing, please contact the D2D Team at askD2D@gsa.gov.