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How to Access the D2D Portal


Complete Steps 1 & 2 to access the D2D Portal.


Step 1:

Register your .gov email address with MAX.gov

  • If you’re already registered with MAX.gov, no action needed (proceed to Step 2)
  • If you’re not yet registered, complete the following actions
    • Click here to go to the OMB MAX.gov homepage.
    • Click the green Register Now button in the top-right corner.

MAX.gov Registration Button.png

  • Follow the instructions to register with MAX.gov and register your PIV card to enable MAX.gov PIV login

Step 2:

Log into the D2D Portal using your MAX.gov credentials

  • Click here to login to the D2D Portal using your MAX.gov credentials
  • You have the option of logging in with your User ID or PIV/CAC card

  • You should now be back at the D2D Portal, logged in as yourself