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About Us

The Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle and Card Services facilitates effective motor vehicle, charge card, travel and transportation agency management that models best corporate practices as applied to the Federal government.   This portfolio’s program areas adopt a shared service model to enhance service delivery and customer value and establishes a new acquisition unit to oversee contracting functions.

Value Proposition

  • Provide customers with the best value and lowest price for their vehicle, travel, transportation or employee relocation services through leveraged procurement.

  • Expertise in vehicle specialization, travel, transportation and employee relocation services.

  • Integrated end-to-end services for motor vehicle management and travel and transportation.

  • Provide the right vehicle, at the right price, with great service and the data required to manage agency fleets.

  • Provide access to data and management information for motor vehicle, travel, transportation and employee relocation customers.


  • Automotive vehicle acquisition

  • Automobile fleet management

  • Travel management

  • Transportation management

  • Relocation services

  • Transportation auditing