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OGP Office of Asset and Transportation Management (MA)

About OGP Office of Asset and Transportation Management (MA)

The Office of Asset & Transportation Management leads Federal agencies in the economic and efficient management of assets and specific services by spearheading effective policy development for travel, employee relocation, personal and real property, motor vehicles, aircraft, transportation and mail.
We manage several interagency committees that provide forums to identify and promote best practices, lead the implementation of government-wide initiatives based on GSA statutory authority, and support critical Administration objectives.
We also provide advice, guidance, and formal classroom training and consultation to agencies regarding establishing and managing Federal advisory committees, as mandated by the Federal Advisory Committee Act.
The office collaborates with state and local governments, industry, and professional organizations and participates in the work of boards, committees, and groups to identify best practices that help stimulate more efficient operations and effective management practices. We assess our impact on formulating policies, programs, and tools to ensure that the policies issued are useful to government customers and achieve the desired results.