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Army MICC Strategic Spending Dashboard

About This Report

The Army MICC Strategic Spending Dashboard is designed to help key decision makers gain an understanding of the individual MICC buying behaviors in order to collectively plan future contracting decisions and utilize existing or develop new strategic contracting vehicles.  This dashboard demonstrates:

  • Who (Contracting Support Brigade, Field Directorate Office, MICC Contracting Office) is buying?
  • What existing contract solutions are being utilized?
  • How often is an open market contract written when there is an existing solution?
  • What is being bought?
  • Can vehicles be developed (or do they already exist through another office) for similar products and services?

Data from CART: FPDS Universe queried for the four CSB/FDOs and the 40 contracting offices under the MICC HQ.  This dashboard contains data for fiscal years 2014 and later.

Point of contact: Susannah Elizondo (susannah.elizondo@gsa.gov)