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GSA FAS 889 Part B Contract Vehicle Modification Tracking Dashboard

About This Report


The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is here to help our customer agencies with Section 889 compliance! 


GSA Global Supply and all of its contractors are 100% compliant with policy and implementation guidance for Section 889 Parts A and B. Ordering agencies are not responsible for validating GSA Global Supply compliance with Section 889 when submitting a requisition on GSA Advantage, GSA Global Supply, or via GSA Global Supply Special Order Program.


GSA has modified all of its Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts to include FAR clause 52.204-25. As a result, the GSA FAS OPC 889 Part B Tracking Dashboard is no longer active. If a contract is listed in GSA eLibrary or GSA Advantage, it means the contract includes FAR clause 52.204-25 and customers may place orders against the contract. 

Agencies can check SAM to see how Schedule contractors have represented to FAR provision 52.204-26 in the System for Award Management (SAM). If your agency policy requires you to get representation for every order placed against GSA Advantage, please contact the contractor directly.



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