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Government-Wide Category Management Reports

About This Report

Welcome to the Government-Wide Category Management Reporting and Analytics site!  We have developed a series of dashboards and tools to support stakeholders in the full CM lifecycle.  We invite you to attend our training sessions through FAITAS, join our data working groups, and stay engaged!  Please reach out to GovtWideCMDashboards@gsa.gov with any comments, questions, or feedback. 


  • It's here! New Solutions Profile Dashboard: The Solutions Profile Dashboard represents the next generation of the BIC Cost Avoidance dashboard and provides new analytical views of tier-rated solution data, including contract small business utilization, top customers, vendors and products, and comparable solutions in the government market. The new Solutions Profile Dashboard was released on 2/1/2021 and highlighted will be highlighted in our March Dashboard demo (register here).  You can find this new tool on our Oversight and Performance Management tools page. 
  • RETIRED: The BIC Cost Avoidance Dashboard was retired on 3/31/21 as all features and functions of this tool were migrated into the new Solutions Profile Dashboard.

Please contact the Government Wide Category Management PMO, with comments, questions, or suggestions: GovtWideCMDashboards@gsa.gov


Government Wide Category Management Dashboards