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Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Data

About This Report

The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) requires that Congress and the public be kept informed about the existence and activities of advisory committees that provide advice to the President or executive branch agencies. Agencies fulfill this reporting requirement using the FACA database, www.facadatabase.gov, which is centrally supported by the General Services Administration's Committee Management Secretariat. This dashboard was created to allow the public to evaluate data on federal advisory committees using a series of questions that the Secretariat has frequently received regarding the government- wide FACA program (the Secretariat is the oversight office for FACA    government-wide). These questions encompass committee costs, members, meetings, committee topic areas and more. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) allow users to select an agency and/or Fiscal Year of interest to tailor the results displayed. Note that this dashboard draws from data that are verified through the statutorily required Annual Comprehensive Review of federal advisory committees, which does not include current year data. For current year data, visit www.facadatabase.gov.