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Federal Real Property Profile Summary Data Set

About This Report

Executive Order (E.O.) 13327, Federal Real Property Asset Management (February 6, 2004), was issued to promote the efficient and economical use of the Federal Government’s real property assets. E.O. 13327 also mandated the creation of a centralized real property database. The General Services Administration (GSA) maintains the Federal Government’s database of all real property under the custody or control of executive branch agencies, except for property excluded for reasons of national security. This database is known as the Federal Real Property Profile Management System (FRPP MS).

To further improve the management of federal real property, the Federal Assets Sale and Transfer Act of 2016 (FASTA) (Pub. L. 114-287) was enacted on December 16, 2016.  FASTA requires all executive branch federal agencies, with certain exceptions, to submit current data of all federal civilian real properties owned, leased, or controlled by a federal agency.

GSA is now publishing the FRPP Open Data Set for FY 2021. The data set provides a high level summary of the real property inventory of the Federal Government and is accessible online at www.gsa.gov/frppreport