Government-Wide Category Management Category Reports

About This Report

Welcome to the Government-Wide Category Management Reporting and Analytics site!  We have developed a series of dashboards and tools to support stakeholders in the full CM lifecycle.  We invite you to attend our training sessions through FAITAS, join our data working groups, and stay engaged!  Please reach out to with any comments, questions, or feedback. 

Big changes are coming in January! 

  • New, multi-year Executive Summary Dashboard covering Gov-wide, Category, and Agency KPIs and PMA targets for Fiscal Years 2018 through 2020

  • New, consolidated Acquisition Analytics Dashboard (accessible on the Government-only side) incorporates Commercial Pricing data and brings together the disparate AA categories of Industrial Products and Services, IT, Office Management, and GSA Global Supply

  • Release of Agency Category Management Planning data (accessible on the Government-only side) and exploration tools in the Agency CM Planning Workbench

  • Planned retirement:

    • Freight Tender Dashboard

    • AA Dashboards for Industrial Products, Office Management, and GSA Global Supply

    • Workstation Analysis Dashboard

    • FY18 Executive Summary Dashboard (Locked), FY19 Executive Summary Dashboard

Please contact the Government Wide Category Management PMO, with comments, questions, or suggestions: