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Government-Wide Category Management Category Reports

About This Report

Welcome to the Government-Wide Category Management Reporting and Analytics site!  We have developed a series of dashboards and tools to support stakeholders in the full CM lifecycle.  We invite you to attend our training sessions through FAITAS, join our data working groups, and stay engaged!  Please reach out to GovtWideCMDashboards@gsa.gov with any comments, questions, or feedback. 


  • Small Business 2.0: The upgraded Small Business dashboard will include upgraded and expanded features. Public users will now be able to utilize the full suite of visualizations previously available on the government-only site. Look for the release of the new Small Business Dashboard on July 1.
  • APR 2.0: A new and improved Agency Profile Report will be released on July 15.  APR 2.0 includes brand new visuals as well as upgraded features from the FPDS Spend and SUM Analysis dashboard (planned for retirement in August 2020).  APR 2.0 will be available for all government users by clicking on the Government-only Category Management Reports icon.
  • Quick Decisions Dashboard: This new tool helps members of the acquisition community rapidly access market research data to make decisions while ensuring that agency CM goals are met for Spend Under Management (SUM), Best In Class (BIC) and Tier 0 Contract Reduction. Contracting Officers can use the product search feature to check competitive pricing data on BIC solutions, look up ways to move expiring contracts to BIC or Tier 2 solutions, or search vendor name or DUNS and identify contracts on which that vendor can compete.  Quick Decisions is currently available for all government users by clicking on the Government-only Category Management Reports icon.

Please contact the Government Wide Category Management PMO, with comments, questions, or suggestions: GovtWideCMDashboards@gsa.gov