Government-Wide Category Management Category Reports

About This Report

News: The Operational Reporting Workbench is live on the Contract Management Tools page!  This new tool replaces (and improves!) functionality from the SUM by Agency and Tier Tool and the Top 20 Analysis Tool.  Please note these tools will were retired on 8/31/2019.

The dashboards above contain reporting on the following measures for each of the Government-Wide Categories. The initial dashboards serve as a Federal Procurement Data System baseline for the conduct and maturation of their respective spend analysis.

  • Category and subcategory obligations
  • Category and subcategory small business metrics
  • Average category and subcategory obligations
  • Category and Subcategory top agency spend
  • Category and Subcategory top vendor spend

The backing data for these dashboards will be updated on a monthly basis. Shorter interval updates will be conducted based on Category directed data grooming, screening or augmenting with transactional data from external systems. 

Please contact the Government Wide Category Management PMO, with comments, questions, or suggestions: