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GSA FAS OASIS and HCaTS Dashboard

About This Report

The OASIS and HCaTS Programs created a tool that takes their data to the next level. OASIS & HCaTS stakeholders can now view and segment OASIS & HCaTS information to make better program and business decisions. With the PSHC Dashboard, users have the ability to explore OASIS, OASIS SB, OASIS 8A, HCaTS, HCaTS SB, and HCaTS 8A data by Federal agency and industry partner as well as download data visualizations.

Data source: CPRM - GSA Contract Reporting Module

Last update: Yesterday

Frequency of update: Daily


       - OASIS Customer Support: oasis@gsa.gov
       - OASIS Small Business Support: oasissb@gsa.gov 
       - HCaTS Customer Support: hcats@gsa.gov 
       - HCaTS Small Business Support: sbhcats@gsa.gov


OASIS Customer Support
HCaTS Customer Support
OASIS Small Business Support
HCaTS Small Business Support